One picture is worth more than a thousand words…

We create professional graphic designs and modern websites

Dear Customer

Eyesight is the basis of mass media. An image is very immediately perceived by our mind. We haven’t even finished reading half of a sentence and we already form an opinion about a particular thing, situation or event. Due to this fact, creative graphic designs are of key importance in creating a professional company image.

The main field of our activity is the creation of websites and graphic design. The websites that we create use professional, yet easy to operate, Content Management Systems (CMSs). Depending on the needs CMSs can be either simple enough to allow the basic editing of a website or as complex to offer a number of advanced functions for website administrators.

We are also engaged in doing graphic designs and creating visual identification of companies as well as in desktop publishing and prepress. MK-Advice is continually developing and its scope of operation, in response to our customers’ needs, is gradually increasing.
We also have our own voice recording studio.

Apart from marketing and advertising activities, we’ve been also developing our business consulting department for a few years now. As far as business consulting is concerned we offer the following services:

  1. Drawing up business plans to, among others, receive investment loans
  2. Devising strategies for special purpose vehicles
  3. Consultancy in obtaining EU funds

Recently this part of our activity has been developing dynamically. 
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We are looking forward to doing business with you.

Best Regards
S??awomir Wielich

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Mk-Advice Webdesign

  • Consultancy in website and Internet solutions
  • Responsive web design
  • Website coding
  • Content Management Systems
  • Internet marketing and social media
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Statistics systems
  • Website administration
  • Web hosting service
  • Website audit



Graphic design

Mk-Advice Graphic design

  • Logos, letterheads, business cards, presentation folders, envelopes, notebooks
  • Visual identification of companies
  • Graphic design and desktop publishing of catalogues, brochures, booklets and leaflets
  • Graphic design of posters and billboards
  • Design of overprints and markings
  • Graphic design of company vehicles’ markings
  • CDs/DVDs and USB flash drives with printed design

Graphic design

Advertising and printing

MK-Advice Advertising and printing

  • Offset and digital printing
  • Screen and pad printing
  • Large format printing
  • Computerized machine embroidery
  • CDs/DVDs with printed design
  • USB flash drives with printed advertising design
  • Plastic loyalty cards
  • Neon sign advertising – lightboxes / neon lights / LEDs
  • Advertising on company vehicles
  • Shop and office signage
  • Visual information systems
  • Promotional items

Printing  Advertising